Business Cases and Testimonials :

Leveraging your audience
When an advertiser seeks to deploy a more educational approach aimed at promoting the virtues of their offer or product, the traditional advertising does not turn out to be the most optimized.

In this perspective, a preliminary research phase allows us to identify the precise leverages around which we can deploy a real Inbound Marketing strategy : PR, media partnerships, content delivery, social media activation, moderation, influence, events… To position the advertiser no longer as a content distributor but rather as a source of relevant information, Concielo combines multiple expertise.

Such an approach, which amplifies the “virality” linked to the customer's offer, proves to be economical, efficient and easily combinable with a traditional advertising approach.

By calling on our network of media, digital and editorial experts, we can offer a more viral approach..

" The range of services offered by Concileo goes well beyond the services of a traditional agency. They find solutions adapted to the budget, think out of the box and above all seek to be efficient. A team you want to know ! "

- D.M, Global Marketing Director. H Group